For Adults

College Campus Safety

These sessions are designed to help high school and college students, including young women, prepare for dating and college life in dormitories, apartments and other scenarios they may encounter, including potential sexual assault and robbery. It covers virtually every type of safety consideration that students may encounter on college campuses. In part, these include:


  • Developing Safety Awareness Skills

  • Reading Body Language

  • Trusting Your Instincts

  • Making a Threat Assessment

  • Developing Basic Self Defense Skills

  • Planning & Practice for Crisis Situations

  • How to be “Street Smart” during Spring Break

  • Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

  • Online Dating Pros & Cons

  • Staying Safe When Traveling

  • Identity theft & Other Scams

Earnest Hart Jr.

“An important aspect of my work is to teach people how to safely remove themselves from dangerous scenarios when they feel vulnerable or threatened, yet be prepared to defend themselves confidently if they are unexpectedly harassed.”

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