Basic Personal Safety

For Youth

In today’s world, our personal safety could be threatened just about anywhere:  on a flight, at work, in a public place – even at home.  Based on statistics from the FBI, in 2014 a violent crime happened every 26.3 seconds – including robbery and assault.  A property crime – crimes such as burglary and motor vehicle theft – occurs every 3.8 seconds.


Are you as prepared as you can be to protect your and your family’s personal safety?


For the past 30 years, Earnest Hart, Jr. has developed a wide array of personal safety programs for everyone in every setting:

  • Women’s Self Defense teaches women the skills that give them confidence to be out in their community or out of the country on business

  • How many families have watched as their children go off to college and are worried about their safety on campus?  The College Campus Safety program gives your child, and you, the comfort that they will be well-prepared to address most situations

  • Travel today presents challenges in the US and beyond.  The Travel Safety program provides insights about how to be as safe as possible on the road

  • Headlines almost daily include a story about violence in the workplace.  The Workplace Safety program gives you insights to that will help you in these situations.


Everyone should have some practical knowledge on how to stay safe. The key to“crime proofing” one’s self is to become “Street Smart”. Awareness and assessment skills are the keys to making the right decision that will keep you and your family safe from the different types of situations that they may encounter in today’s society. Staying safe on the streets, to and from your vehicle, and in your home are just a few of the topics addressed in the Personal Safety sessions.


The skills you will learn in this session will teach you how to see, process, and react properly in any situation. Tools such as understanding how to carry yourself in a positive manner, non-verbal and verbal skills, de-escalation skills, controlling your fear, and knowing how to escape a potentially bad situation are just a few of the things you will learn.

Goals of Personal Safety Training


1.Prepare your mind mentally to protect yourself.


2.Understand the risk of street encounters and have the skills and knowledge to react accordingly.


3.Knowing your options and then picking the proper counterattack to offset any aggression.


4.Knowing the outcome is the most important phase of this situation because you have to believe in your abilities and believe that you have what it takes if you have to defend yourself.

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