About Earnest Hart Jr. 

Earnest Hart, Jr. is a world-class martial arts champion, personal safety and self-defense expert, physical fitness trainer, actor, and seminar specialist. In the ring, he earned a reputation as the man to beat, and was considered one of the most formidable competitors of the day.

A multi-talented martial artist, he holds a black belt in 15 different styles of martial arts. Hart has also been named as one of the "Top Ten Kickboxers of All Time" by Inside Karate magazine.

His brilliant career includes motivational speaking and seminars. Topics range from "Just Say No to Drugs" to Rape Awareness clinics. Hart was the official martial arts trainer for the 1999–2000 Super Bowl Champions the St. Louis Rams. Hart¹s talents have been used for acting, stunt work and outstanding fight scenes in a variety of movies which include: Karate Kid III, Mortal Combat and Batman & Robin.

In addition to teaching and training bodyguards the finer points of personal protection Close Quarter Combat, Hart also provides personal safety and training services to a variety of clients, and teaches self-defense courses to individuals, schools and corporations.

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